Media Quotes

 Aurora is one of the most extraordinary comical cabaret performers this country has ever produced.

Clare Bowditch – Channel 10’s Offspring and Aria Award winner.

Aurora is a highly physical, musical and multi-talented artist.

Herald Sun – Chris Boyd

Throughout the performances the charmingly indefatigable Aurora ran a tight show, ensuring the audience was suitably entertained between acts with a surprisingly astounding vocal range reminiscent of Minelli.

Glam Adelaide – Jordana Lennox.

Immediately, the seductive femme fatale, Minnie the Maneater (Aurora Kurth), is on her game tempting ordinary Joes (and Janes) to ditch their partners and try her ‘merchandise’ instead. Minnie has a powerful set of lungs on her and commands rapt attention as she prowls and purrs around the stage during her two numbers.

The Upside News – Ken Grady 2017

The show kicked off with ‘Mini the Man-Eater’ (Aurora Kurth) singing a sultry yet humorous ‘Whatever Mini Wants, Mini Gets’.  Mini’s on-stage charisma mesmerised the audience and she sang beautifully in her gold backless gown and striking red glitter lipstick.  Her flirtatious advances to males in the front row captivated the whole audience and we all became her adoring fans!

EventalaideTony Polese 2017

Mini (Aurora Kurth) is a siren with the voice of an angel and the body of a pin-up model

The Advertiser – Tom Bowden 2017

The hostess with the most you’ve ever seen, Aurora was entertaining, fun and in control of a set of vocals that blew the audience away. Introducing the acts and belting out a couple of tunes, Aurora was wildly interactive, and well, just a bit wild.

The _ F – Claudia Wood 2015

There has also been a change in the Master of Ceremonies, with this year hosted by the waggish Aurora.
Trussed up as the archetypal French Madame, Aurora is absolutely perfect for the gig, effortlessly charming
and wrangling the audience with her theatrical wit whilst keeping the vibe saucy.

The Barefoot Review – Deborah Hawke 2015

Aurora Kurth makes a wonderful mistress of ceremonies and really holds the show together; introducing the acts, encouraging the audience to give it up for the performers and to let their hair down, and she has a marvellous singing voice to boot, bringing the audience into the fantasy of her seedy underworld nightclub, much like the MC in the musical Cabaret.

The Cairns Post – Denise Carter 2014

The pace of the show was delivered with (and in) magnificent character by the talented Aurora, who punctuated each act with a comedic performance in the guise of Mistress, Madam and Master of Ceremonies.

Perth Scenestr – Ryan McGrory 2015

Aurora was the “glue” between performances, and a perfect fit for the cabaret-style show, where she delivered her humour laden lines with cheeky zing, and a singing voice to be reckoned with.

Australian Stage – Gordana Andjelic-Davila 2014

Throughout the performances the charmingly indefatigable Aurora ran a tight show, ensuring the audience was suitably entertained between acts and, bursting into song every now and again, delivering a wonderful performance with a surprisingly astounding vocal range reminiscent of Minelli.

Glam Adelaide – Jordana Lennox 2014

Evening: A Cabaret is a gently paced, deeply engaging work which superbly showcases the skills of its four performers; from Casey’s lyrebird-like ability to pay homage to every musical genre under the (setting) sun, to Aurora’s seductive torchsong charms

The Age – Richard Leigh Watts 2009

Aurora dramatically binds the scenes together with her flamboyant presence and imposing voice

Herald Sun – Stephanie Glickman 2009

…And there’s a singer in a red dress, and elbow length gloves with matching red heels. Oooh. Her voice is great and boy, she’s kinda smokin.

Rabbit Hole Urban Music – Steve Smart 2009

Aurora  is mesmerising – part Marina Prior angel, part Marlene Dietrich vamp’

Funny Tonne – Joseph Crichton 2009

Aurora is a natural comedian with huge stage presence and a singing voice that could charm birds from trees

The Age – Cameron Woodhead 2008

Aurora has a voice as embracing as Joan Baez

The Age – John Slaven 2006

Aurora is inventive and entertaining, establishing distinct and contrasting characters

The Age – Helen Thompson 2006

Aurora is a highly physical, musical and multi-talented artist

Herald Sun – Chris Boyd 2005

Aurora’s understated physical comedy seems almost inexhaustible

The Pun – Pat McGrath 2007

Aurora is clearly a talented singer. She has the kind of voice that can stop traffic, hell, her voice could probably engender world peace

Groggy Squirrel – Karla Dondio 2008

Her vocal range was truly amazing as she tackled songs that spanned all musical genres with an energy that never wavered despite the enormous physical and vocal demands such a complex performance required.

Artshub – Stephen Rhys 2008

MC Testimonials

“Aurora is one of the  most extraordinary comical cabaret performers this country has ever produced. She is superb. If I could buy shares in her, I would.”
Clare Bowditch. Australian musician, actor, radio presenter.
“Aurora  is equal parts vixen and comedienne. As MC for our Time Out Burlesque event, she steered our show with such effortless precision that she became more feature than filler. Sassy, tongue in cheek and effortlessly sexy, she keeps audiences engaged and longing for more.”
Sheridan Wright. National Audience Manager. Time Out Magazine.
Aurora  is one of those rare MC’s that can actually be a show in their own right. The time between acts often becomes more enjoyable just to watch her… Classy, funny, feminine and formidable. When she sings, boy can she steal an audience!
Alex Schoeffel. Events & Marketing Manager. Red Bennies.

Aurora  would have to be one of the most outstanding vocal & comedy talents I have ever come across in my 28 years of running Uptempo Entertainment International. Her sheer presence is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face!  I am extremely proud to have Aurora as anchorwoman & mistress of ceremonies for our production ‘Simply Burlesque’.
This lady is absolute ‘Dynamite!’

Craig Symons Managing Director Uptempo Entertainment International.

Aurora  is an outstanding performer, head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of professionalism, drive and sheer talent. We love to bring her to Sydney for our biggest annual shows and every time we know we’re in for a whole new round of characters, songs and entertainment! We love Aurora!

Jamilla Deville – Showgirl, Aerialist, Pole Dance Performer & Instructor.

Aurora is an artistic inspiration, as an actress her presence fills the stage, she is a pleasure to direct and enthralling to watch, as a musician, she brings beauty and depth to the songs we sing together and her stage presence captivates audiences. I have performed with her on many stages and watched audiences and her fellow musicians become entranced by her.
Aurora is an Australian treasure, she is versatile, professional and an asset to any stage.

Richard J Frankland Australian playwright, scriptwriter and musician.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for last night. You were a wonderful MC…and of course an amazing singer. We all appreciated your professionalism and humour. And all have commented on your mingling with the crowd. So thanks heaps. The night was a great success.

Pam Duperouzel 
Executive Assistant Carpet Court

You blew us, the audience and performers away with incredible MC stylings, introductions, comedy and that sensational voice of yours!!

Melanie Piantoni  Co-Producer Perth International Burlesque Festival

Thanks Aurora ! You were amazing and everyone is still talking about you! The best part of the rally they are saying!!!

Sharyn Hindson – Austin Healey Club of South Australia